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Are you registered to vote? Regardless of your politics or beliefs, the question of have you registered to vote boils down to whether or not you believe that participation in our democracy is important or even a civic duty or responsibility. We here at Pollshere take voting very seriously and hope that you do too. Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent we hope that you’re making your voice heard.

Did you know that you can register even if you don't identify as a Democrat or Republican? Depending on your state you may not be able to vote in primary elections if you’re unaffiliated but you are still able to vote in local elections and major elections held every two years, including the Presidential election held every 4 years.

Too many Americans do not value their right to vote enough though. A 2012 study by The Pew Charitable Trusts estimates that 24% of the voting-eligible citizens in the United States are not registered to vote, a percentage that represents "at least 51 million eligible U.S. citizens."

If you don’t know if you’re registered to vote you can check online and if you discover that you haven’t registered to vote there’s still time. You can register right there online too! A lot of states also have voter registration at their DMV and/or Post Offices. Just run a quick search online to determine where you can register and get it done.

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