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Polls Here is all about asking for opinions and sharing the overall results with the world. From politics to pop culture and many things in between, we want to know what you think. We share our results publicly and share them with you and everyone else so you can see if and how other people agree or disagree with your points of view.

Our polls are not scientific or conducted in statistically significant ways. The results of our polls should be viewed for entertainment purposes only.  We believe the results are interesting and we hope you will as well, so take a look at the results by state or nationally and if you want to share any specific poll with your friends, please click the social buttons on the results pages.

We ask questions to which we want to know the opinions and answers and share the results with you. We don't target specific regions, views, affiliations or interests, but we do encourage you to share Polls Here with your friends and family. The more opinions we can gather, the more interesting the results become.

One vote per person per poll. We have a lot of things about which we'd like to know your opinion so please take a look at all of our polls and let us know what you think.