Do you prefer McDonald’s or Burger King?

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Do you prefer McDonald’s or Burger King? A question as old as time itself… well, not really, but it does feel like an age-old debate to some of us. Fast Food is a part of American culture at this point, and it’s here to stay. As much a pillar of our society as Baseball or Apple Pie. In fact, many would argue that in today’s world Fast Food like Burger King and McDonald's symbolizes America was more than Baseball or Apple Pie ever did. And in fact, Mcdonalds sells its own hot apple pies.

So what will it be? The Big Mac or the Whopper with Cheese? The Croissanwich or the Egg McMuffin? And what about fries and milkshakes? What about specialty items? Like Mcdonalds famous McRib or the BK Italian Chicken Sandwich. Don’t forget those limited time only menu items. So where do you weigh in? Do you prefer McDonald’s or Burger King? We want to know your opinion on this sure to be hotly contested topic. This one would be a tough one for me. I prefer McDonald’s for breakfast but like Burger King a bit better for lunch. What do you think? Vote now.

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