Is Joe Biden really Joe Biden

Today's political world is crazier and more volatile than ever. Whether you are a die hard Republican or Democrat, or somewhere in between, there are some extreme views from all angles on who and how the United States is run and governed.

One story where we'd love to know what you think is if Joe Biden is really Joe Biden? There are stories in the media that raise doubts in some people that Joe Biden is really Joe Biden. These stories state that Biden is dead, or has been replaced by an actor, a government agent or other personnel. Theories suggest that the President isn't really who we think he is, and rather is a decoy/bot/actor/plant who's acting on the instructions of others. Those "others' could be a deep state organization, a foreign government, a radical religious group.

So, are all of these stories just glorified tales that used to live in supermarket tabloids that have now taken a bigger stage with social media and other internet channels? Or is Joe Biden really not Joe Biden? Let us know what you think.

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