Do you subscribe to any online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu?

We're living in an increasingly digital world. That's a basic fact of life. You're probably participating in our polls on a personal computer or mobile device right now. Unless this is already the future and the internet is now being beamed directly into our brains. Is it still called the internet? Are there flying cars yet?

Traditional television may soon be another obsolete medium in the future as more and more of our entertainment is delivered via paid streaming services without long term contract commitments.

Do you use any streaming services? How about Netflix? Netflix has been around for years and started just mailing DVDs to our homes and now is more known for streaming and even creating or acquiring its own exclusive content. And now Hulu has joined the party also bringing along its own line of exclusive originals series and movies.

Netflix and Hulu are both great for watching on multiple devices including mobile devices which you can enjoy on the go. Unless as aforementioned its being beamed directly into our brains.

So do you subscribe to online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu? We want to know what you think.

Remember that there are no wrong answers because these are like a famous movie character once said: “just like, your opinion, man.”

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