Do you prefer watching movies in theaters or at home?

Don’t we all love movies? Can’t we agree that movies are great? We’ll see, won't we?

So presuming that you enjoy motion pictures, where is your favorite spot to experience them? Are you the big screen theater lover who needs to be out at the cinema every weekend taking in a new movie? It is nice, seeing movies on the big screens, with their high-end sound systems with a lot of people. Maybe you prefer to enjoy movies at home where it’s quiet and you’ve got a pause button, and all of your own snacks. No need to worry about finding a parking spot either. And the bathroom is always available. Well usually available depending on how big your family is. You also don't have to spend a fortune on popcorn, candy, and drinks at home!

If you love going out to the movies let us know by selecting Theater. If you prefer the quiet night on your own home court select Home. And if you Don’t Watch Movies you can let us know that too. We are curious to see what everyone thinks and look forward to checking out the results on this one.

Remember that there are no wrong answers because these are like a famous movie character once said: “just like, your opinion, man.”

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