Do you believe we should try focusing more on alternative energy sources like solar, geothermal and wind?

Much like gravity, Climate Change is real whether or not we choose to believe in it. The most recent years have been the hottest on record around the globe and extreme storms and flooding are becoming an annual commonplace. At this point, the overall consensus agreement is that Climate Change is happening, the debates rage on what to do about it.

Many people believe that we should move away from traditional power sources that are detrimental to the environment like petroleum, coal, and natural gas and move towards cleaner solutions and more on alternative energy sources like solar, geothermal and wind. The argument being that renewable cleaner resources will be cheaper and help us salvage the planet's fragile ecosystem.  Detractors of renewable energy, like President Trump have implied that the noise from wind turbines cause cancer.

Some people take a more cynical view of Climate Change where they either refuse to believe in it altogether or acknowledge it exists but feel like it's a too expensive and difficult challenge to tackle.

We want to know if you're in favor of embracing alternative energy sources like solar, geothermal and wind or if you're someone who doesn't feel like this is an important issue to you and your family?

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