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There are certainly many opinions for and against electric vehicles. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going green with your automobile? One fact is certain, you won’t have to stop at the gas station and experience sticker shock when you see what the cost of a gallon of gas has gone up to, again! Just think of how many things in your life you plug in to charge these days, like your cell phone, Bluetooth and laptop or tablet. An electric car basically is another device you plug in to charge and use for a period of time before it needs charging again. Compared to filling up your tank, charging an electric vehicle costs, on average, less than $2.50 per charge.

The demand for alternative technology seems to be increasing, and surprisingly, Gen X is leading the way in the most purchases of electric cars, but Baby Boomers hold the top spot for purchasing a mix of the new vehicle technologies. Some think this is because they can afford the top technology in this increasingly competitive industry. Millennials aren’t far behind in advancing the march to switch from fossil fuel powered vehicles to electric alternatives.

Typically, it takes an average of eight hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. Basically, this means, you charge it when you get home for the night, but will need a dedicated charging point to do so. If you have a standard 110-volt outlet and the proper cable, you can fully charge your electric vehicle at home overnight in your garage or carport. One question you may consider is, how far can you drive your electric vehicle before it needs to be charged again? This can vary for different vehicles, but the average for newer models, like the Chevy Volt, is as much as 200 miles, compared to older models like the Nissan Leaf, which averages around 60-80 miles before needing to be charged. Other models fall somewhere in between that range. The exception to the average driving range is the Telsa Model S, who leads the pack with a 250-mile driving range on a single charge.

For local driving, or commuting to work, electric vehicles seem to work for those enthusiasts who have abandoned their former gasoline vehicle. Long trip driving, however, requires some planning and patience since you have to map out charging stations and spend time waiting for the battery to charge. It’s highly recommended not to let the battery drain down to nearly zero, like some of us do with our cell phones! This can deteriorate the battery and detract from the overall battery life. Since the battery is the only thing powering the all-electric car or truck, it’s something that needs to be taken care of properly.

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