Are you willing to wear a mask to slow the spread of coronavirus?

Will you wear a mask?

Are you willing to wear a mask to slow the spread of coronavirus? That’s today’s big question. As of July 2020, some things are very clear, there are over 130,000 dead Americans. The results of what’s going on in the European Union where strict measures and paid dividends is that the number of cases has gone down. Whereas here in the United States because we have lacked a uniform national strategy our cases have continued to rise.

Wearing a face mask can help protect others around you because the virus is spread via droplets that human beings expel when they engage in common activities like talking, laughing, singing that can spread the virus us to six feet or more, and activities like coughing and sneezing that can do even worse sending particles potentially over fifteen, even twenty feet away.

Some people continue to resist wearing a mask because they feel the threat of the virus has been overblown or perhaps like the President says it’s a “hoax.” Many people are complaining that having to wear a mask infringes upon their own personal freedoms.

It's been proven now in Europe that wearing masks and engaging in social distancing can reduce the curve over 90%. So why are so many Americans still so resistant?

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