Will you vote in the 2020 Presidential election?

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Will you be voting in the 2020 Presidential election? It seems like everyone has a strong opinion on the direction of the country these days, but are you just sitting on the sidelines and complaining or will you cast your vote when the time comes in November of 2020?

Republicans and Democrats alike both seem really fired up for the 2020 election. Each side energized by bases of anxious voters. Around 50% of eligible voters voted in 2018, compared to a turnout of around 36% of eligible voters in 2014. The 2018 elections had the highest turnout of any midterm election held since 1914. So there seems to be hope that the electorate is fired up and energized to turnout in 2020.

For the Democrats, an important question is will you vote even if your favorite candidate doesn't get the nomination? While there are a few primary challengers to President Trump on the Republican side like Joe Walsh and Bill Weld, no one really believes at this point that President Trump won't be the man on the 2020 GOP ballot. For Democrats, there are still around a half dozen candidates still competing for the nomination. And each hopes to eventually win over the other supporters in November should they win the primary.

Here at PollsHere, we hope that all of you are exercising your right to vote in 2020, regardless of your political party or beliefs. We feel that the sign of a healthy democracy is one whereas many of the citizens participate as possible.

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