What kind of prize would you most be interested in winning?

Which would make you happiest?

For most of us, winning any kind of sweepstakes prize would probably be pretty darned exciting, right? But let's just say you had a choice as to what you could win? Which would you go with?

Cash is often king. I mean, you could buy whatever you want with cash. But would having cash in hand burn a hole in your pocket? Do you think you'd use it wisely? Maybe pay off some bills. Gift cards are good. Perhaps not as tempting to use right away as cash, but certainly valuable and easy to keep on you. Maybe winning a nice vacation would motivate you to go somewhere you've always wanted to go, but couldn't justify spending the money on. A new car? Heck, I would think anyone would love winning a car, though it probably depends on what kind of car and if you really need one or not. The latest electronics like the newest tablet or smart tv? If you are into electronics that might be your choice.

So which is it? What would you go with if you could choose between any of these prize types? I don't want to impact the results, but I am guessing that cash will indeed be king, but that we'll see a nice mix of votes for all of the selections. Really though, who wouldn't be happy winning any of these kinds of giveaways? Not I!

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