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Are you watching Better Call Saul? If you were a Breaking Bad fan, I truly hope the answer is yes. Better Call Saul takes place in the same universe and leads up to the events that happened in Breaking Bad, including setting up many of the major and most interesting supporting characters. I’m talking about way more than just Criminal Attorney and fashion icon; Saul Goodman and surly enforcer Michael Ehrmantraut. Better Call Saul examines the deadly Salamanca family and just how Don Hector ended up in a wheelchair only able to ring a bell to communicate. Better Call Saul also offers another window into the enigmatic Gustavo Fring and how he built his superlab and distribution empire.

But Better Call Saul doesn’t just revisit characters from Breaking Bad that we knew and loved. Better Call Saul introduces new and fascinating characters like Chuck McGill, Saul’s older brother, a successful lawyer who suffers from debilitating mental illness and takes it out on his brother. Kim Wexler, a successful attorney and Saul’s most loyal friend from the beginnings of his legal career. And of course Nacho Varga and Lalo Salamanca, the notorious gangsters who were infamously named dropped by Saul Goodman in the first episode of Breaking Bad he appeared in, which was appropriately titled Better Call Saul.

The show retains much of the creative talent from Breaking Bad behind the camera too so it really feels like an authentic revisit to that universe that so many of us loved when it was on the air. Better Call Saul’s 5th Season is currently airing on AMC and it has been announced that the 6th season will be the final installment of this amazing series. So now is a great time to binge seasons 1-4 on Netflix and dive into Season 5. So what say you? Are you watching Better Call Saul?

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