What do you think about Trump's response to reports that Russia put out bounties on US and coalition forces?

Is Trump tough enough of Russia?

What do you think about Trump's response to reports that Russia put out bounties on US and coalition forces? It has been revealed through the New York Times that United States Intelligence Agencies have determined that Taliban fighters in Afghanistan have been paid bounties from the Russian Intelligence Agency the GRU for murdering the US and other Allied Forces stationed in Afghanistan as peacekeepers in the on-going efforts in the Middle East.

CNN has learned that the threat was mentioned in intelligence reports provided to the National Security Council more than a year ago. The Administration denies this report. It is possible that it was listed in the President’s Daily Briefing which he is the first President since the inception of the PDB President’s Daily Briefing to be known openly that he doesn’t read it at all.

So it is possible that if the President weren’t told verbally because he refuses to hear troubling news about Russia and immediately makes vague references to a “Democrat Hoax.” What is more troubling? That the President didn’t know because he refuses to read or that he did know but has done nothing but continue to act in ways that Putin and the Kremlin want like inviting Putin to the G7 Summit and pulling US troops from Syria and Germany?

Of course, there are still many that defend President Trump and the administration no matter what. Is it possible that there is some super-secret behind the scenes plan that the President has with Russia that we’re all just unaware of? Perhaps the POTUS is actually in complete control and just can't tell the rest of us for National Security Reasons?

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