Is Donald Trump a good example of a person with Christian values and morals?

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Is Donald Trump a good example of a person with Christian values and morals? That is our latest poll on the site. Donald Trump has been many things over the years, a reality television celebrity, a real estate investor, owner of brands such as Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump Shuttle and of course Trump University (he had to pay victims $25,000,000 in settlements over this one), and ultimately President of the United States. Certainly, these are all remarkable achievements for anyone even on their own. Donald Trump professes to be a devout Christian (did you know his dad’s middle name was Christ?) and enjoys huge support from the Christian Evangelical community who have gone so far in many circles to refer to President Trump as “the God-Emperor.” Trump seems to have strong support from the Christian community overall.

Donald Trump’s personal history would certainly lead to questions about his morality, but that can be subjective. Donald has children from three wives, each of which he’s been widely reported to have been unfaithful to, some of which involved nondisclosure agreements and an exchange of money for keeping silent about the affairs. He once bragged on video that as a star he could grab women by a certain part of their body and get away with it. He’s made fun of a reporter with a disability in a very famous video. He knowingly lied about former president Obama, claiming he wasn’t born in the United States repeatedly. He’s In his first 869 days as President, Donald Trump said 10,796 things that were either misleading or outright false, according to The Washington Post's Fact Checker. Is Donald Trump a good example of a person with Christian values and morals? We want to know what you think so vote now.

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