Are you going to practice social distancing or isolation to help slow the spread of coronavirus?

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Are you going to practice social distancing or isolation to help slow the spread of coronavirus? That seems to be the hot question and the state of our new normal. As CoronaVirus COVID-19 cases grow and grow in the United States (at this time over 6000 cases and over 100 deaths) and around the globe, it becomes more and more incumbent upon each of us to do our part in trying to fight the spread of the disease. Even if you’re not in a high-risk group you can still be a carrier and pass the CoronaVirus COVID-19 to others and their loved ones.

Medical professionals have been for the most part uniform in their advice. They advise keeping as clean as possible highlighted by frequent hand washing. They have asked people to self-quarantine and practice social distancing in order to stem the expansion of CoronaVirus COVID-19. Despite pleas from medical professionals some people are still going out to bars and clubs and bragging online about it. This has led to many state governments to move swiftly and order these types of public establishments to close for the near future. While this threatens to displace countless working and crater the economy in the short term, it appears vital to the health and well being of most Americans.

Social Distancing guidelines have evolved from avoiding groups of 250 to now when it is recommended to avoid groups of 10 or more. Avoiding even the most casual of touching with others like handshaking is a big aspect of social distancing. It's become incumbent upon each of us to look our for not only ourselves but also the most vulnerable among us and live within the guidelines.

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