Should we build a wall along our southern border?

Are you for or against the proposed wall?

Current President Donald Trump made the centerpiece of his 2016 campaign about building a “Big, Beautiful wall from sea to shining sea” that would be paid for by Mexico. However, thus far we haven’t seen much new wall built.

Republicans and Conservatives overwhelming approve of appropriating funds for an old school wall. Their belief is that this is the only way to handle this issue, whereas Democrats and Liberals favor 20th-century technology-based approach, including drones to border security. It is widely known that illegal border crossings have been at all-time lows for near a decade now and most immigrants in the country who have overstayed their VISAs come in through airports or the northern border than we share with Canada. However, many people feel that creating a physical barrier will keep out even more people and seem to be OK with the price tag which could exceed $70 billion, not to mention the approximately $1 billion per year it will cost to maintain.

Everyone wants a safe and secure border. It is just a matter of what you think is the best way to accomplish this. Should the United States build a wall along the Southern border that we share with Mexico? Opinions on this topic seem to run hot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We want to know what you think so vote now in this hotly contested poll and let your voice be heard.

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