Should Trump step down from being President?

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Should Trump step down from being President? As of July 2020 there are over 3.8 million cases of COVID-19 CoronaVirus and over 143,000 Americans dead already from COVID-19 CoronaVirus, and those are just the numbers that we know of. The President has seemingly surrendered to the virus after declaring himself a “wartime president” back in May, just two months ago. There is still no national strategy of directive regarding masks, or the economy. Around the world other countries will not accept US Passports because they fear Americans could carry the disease.

And in Portland President Trump has got a secret police force picking up peaceful protestors off of the street without identification or telling them if they are under arrest. It has also been discovered President Trump knew that Valdimir Putin of Russia had placed bounties of US Soldiers in Afghanistan.

But hey, as per current polls President Trump still enjoys a 40.6% approval rating so there are plenty of Americans that are still happy with the current POTUS performance in office. Not only do they not think that President Trump should be removed from office but that he should get another 4 years in office.

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