Should Trump be named a Saint?

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Should President Trump be named a saint? There have been some rumblings that not only was President Trump handpicked by God, but that he should be named a Saint. This question is sure to elicit strong responses as different people have varying opinions on our president. If we’re going to determine if someone is worthy of sainthood, we ought to know what being a saint means and how one becomes a saint. Most of the world's religions bestow special status on people who demonstrate a life of almost perfect virtue. In the Catholic church, they're called saints. The process in the Catholic church by which someone becomes a saint is called canonization. The Catholic church has canonized around 3,000 people -- the exact number is unknown because not all saints were officially canonized.

Some people will point to President Trump's appointment of religious judges as a sign of his saint worthiness. In fact, many in the Evangelical Christian Community have taken to referring to President Trump as the “God Emperor.” Others will point to his multiple divorces and locker room comments amongst other things, to question his virtue and integrity entirely. In his first 869 days as President, Donald Trump said 10,796 things that were either misleading or outright false, according to The Washington Post's Fact Checker. Does that sound like the track record of a saint to you?

One other tidbit you may not have been aware of. Donald Trump’s father was Fred Trump. You probably knew that, but did you know his middle name was Christ?

What do you think? Should it be Saint Trump or Saint Somebody Else? We want to know how you feel.

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