Should College Be Free?

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Should College be free? There are many schools of thought on this topic. In a world where more and more people are questioning the cost and value of a college education, there are quite a few opinions especially with some private schools costing well over fifty thousand dollars a year. Some people believe that college should be 100% entirely free to all. Other people believe two years State College education should be free. And then there are those that favor the current status quo. Maybe even something of a hybrid, where students making a certain level of grades would be entitled to a free education. Perhaps free education for those wanting to become doctors.

Those that oppose free college include those that think it would be too expensive and not competitive enough. Whereas boosters of the idea of free college for all argue it would be of such benefit to society overall that society should foot the bill. And then there are those that have just finished paying off years, maybe decades of student debt that feel it would be unfair to them to now pay down everyone else's debt. Perhaps if college were subsidized by the government, universities wouldn’t have as much ability to overcharge for tuition. What do you think? We want to know if you think College should be free or not?

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