Would you consider Mike Bloomberg for President?

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Would you consider Mike Bloomberg for President? On November 24, 2019, former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg declared he was running for President in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary. Bloomberg rose from humble beginnings in Medford, Massachusetts, but built a billion-dollar business empire and eventually turned to government as New York’s mayor for twelve years.

Some Progressives take issue with the idea of a billionaire running for office. Tom Steyer is also taking some heat on this score. Bloomberg also took some heat for his support of the controversial Stop And Frisk program New York City Law Enforcement employed during his tenure as Mayor.

Bloomberg has also been a philanthropist who has supported progressive issues like gun control and climate change. Much like our current President, Donald Trump boasted he was going to do, Bloomberg is largely funding his own campaign. He even bought a $10 Million Dollar SuperBowl Ad. So even while you’re watching the San Francisco Forty-Niners take on the Kansas City Chiefs, keep your eye out for Big Michael Bloomberg on the screen.

What do you think about Michael Bloomberg for President? Is he too progressive for you? Not progressive enough? Do you like the idea of a Billionaire president or would you prefer the leader of the free world have a different type of background?

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