Did you like the new Star Wars Movie?

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Did you like the new Star Wars Movie? Have you seen it yet? The Rise Of Skywalker serves as the ending to final trilogy and leaves the future of Star Wars up in the air with yet another reset.

New characters, old friends, Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker has got a little something for everyone. But not everyone is loving it. As is the case with Star Wars movies the fans are divided between loving it, hating it, and refusing to even watch it.

One thing is for sure, don’t give any of them any spoilers before they hit up the multiplex. For those of you that have read this far, consider any spoiler warner delivered and do not read on if you’re worried about Star Wars Spoilers.

Are you happy with how they handled the scenes with the late Carrie Fisher? Are you happy with the final fate of Kylo Ren? What about the revelations about Rey’s family lineage? And speaking of Miss Palpatine (if you’re nasty) what do you think about the return of the Evil Emperor, revealed to still be pulling the strings even from beyond the grave?

What about the lightsaber duels? Did Rise Of Skywalker deliver the goods with the action sequences? And how about those Knights of Ren? Did they live up to the hype or not so much? Take a few parsecs to consider before you head to Tashi Station for power converters and let us know what you think.

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