Is Trump doing a good job?

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Depending on which poll you view, President Donald Trump’s approval rating tends to be in the high 30’s to low 40’s. That is all well and good, but we want to know what you think. Vote now and then see what our numbers say. You can view nationally or by state. Make your voice heard and your vote count by answering now.

Certainly, where people live, economic status, political party, job type, education level and other factors have an impact on how you feel about the job the president is doing. The unemployment rate is near all-time lows and the markets are doing well as of the moment, continuing the trend started by the previous administration.

Are you a one-percenter? You are probably happy with the tax cuts the president gave you. If you are a soybean farmer, the trade war with China is probably not pleasing you right now. Republicans and conservatives are overwhelmingly pleased with President Trump. Democrats and Liberals are unhappy with how things are going. Everyone has and is entitled to their opinion so please share yours here.  Do you agree with Trump on his stances towards immigration and the wall, how he is dealing with China and North Korea or Russia for that matter?  Do you think our relationship with our allies in Europe is stronger or weaker since Trump took office?  What about the economy?  Are you happy about where things are, or is the economy merely continuing on the trajectory it was on when Obama left office?  Do you think the current president does a good job representing Americans when he travels abroad?  Do you like how he is handling our military?  Make your voice heard by voting now.

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