Have you ever won a sweepstakes prize?

Yes or no? Tell us if you've won before.

Entering sweepstakes can be fun and exciting. There are so many types of giveaways you can enter to win online and offline. Publishers Clearing House has some of the biggest sweepstakes out there, including their amazing $25,000 a month for life giveaway which is going on now. There are tons of giveaways for cars, vacations, gift cards, TVs, computers, furniture, household appliances, home electronics, phones and pretty much anything you can think of. For this poll, it doesn't matter what you've won, but if you have won, please vote yes.

If you haven't won, that is OK too. Perhaps your time to win is coming soon. Don't give up, but make sure to vote no if you have not won a sweepstake yet.

We are super curious to see the results on this one. Many of us have at least won something small at some point I bet, but we will see when the votes come in. I really hope the majority of our pollsters have won something at some point and I really hope you all win something in the future. As always, thanks for voting. Cast your vote and then see how others have made out with sweepstakes.

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