Should we get rid of the Senate?

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Should we get rid of the Senate? With all of the crazy issues of today, from election interference to sensible gun laws, does the existence of the United States Senate still make sense in 2020?

Some people complain the Senate gives too much power to less populated states skewing the balance of power to a super minority. For example in 2018, California had a population of 39.56 million and South Dakota had a population of 882,235, and yet they both have equal representation in the US Senate. Is that fair? Is that democracy.

Other people would argue that the Senate has rendered itself obsolete. Once upon a time in America, the US Congress had the power to declare war. Over the last few decades, the Executive Branch has taken that authority through both Republican and Democratic administrations alike.

An argument could also be made based upon the optics surrounding the Donald Trump Impeachment proceedings in the Senate. With Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell promising to coordinate the trial with the White House and blocking witnesses or Senator Lindsey Graham who said during a CNN interview that he was "not trying to pretend to be a fair juror."

Senator Graham also said "I think what's best for the country is to get this thing over with. I have clearly made up my mind. I'm not trying to hide the fact that I have disdain for the accusations in the process. So I don't need any witnesses. ... I am ready to vote on the underlying articles. I don't really need to hear a lot of witnesses."

With Senators already making up their minds and not even pretending to be fair jurors in such an important and historic undertaking is the Senate even a body to be taken seriously in 2020 and beyond? Are we that divided and partisan?

So what do you think? Should we do away with the United States Senate? Has it outlived its relevance or is it as vital as it ever was?

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