Have you ever entered sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House?

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Have you ever entered sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House? If you have a TV or a mailbox you know what Publishers Clearing House is. Whether it’s their regular mailers or the famous television commercials we’ve heard about Publishers Clearing House.

In the television commercials, there’s usually a prize van zipping up to the front door of their latest winner with a camera crew and a giant check to present to the unsuspecting winner. Can you imagine that? How cool would that be?

Publishers Clearing House has a variety of big-time prizes in their sweepstakes too, like $5K a Week For Life, $7K A Week For Life, A 2019 Dream Home Prize, a $10 Million Prize and more.

Like any legitimate online sweepstakes, Publishers Clearing House is 100% free to enter and people do really win cash prizes.

We want to know? Have you ever entered to win a sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House? Yes or No?

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