Do you think AG William Barr is doing a good job?

People have very different opinions on this one!

Attorney General (or AG) William Barr (no relation to Roseanne Barr) has been a lightning rod or controversy and praise in his current tenure almost since being appointed. Democrats and Liberals have been skeptical of AG Barr's motives and loyalties since before his confirmation hearings. They point to his unsolicited letter about the Mueller investigations and the unitary power of the executive branch as a conflict of interest. Republicans and longtime conservatives point to AG Barr's long and storied career including the fact that he has previously held this very same position for former president George H.W. Bush. Some say he acts more like Trump's personal lawyer than someone who serves the American people.

Barr is without question a smart guy, having graduated from Columbia University and George Washington University. There are clearly arguments to be made and we want to know what you think for sure. Is the Attorney General too close to the President and conflicted or is that just Liberal rumors? Is he merely the president's lap dog, asking how high, when the president says jump or is he doing his job as the nations top law enforcement officer?

Did you know that William Barr and Robert Mueller's wives are part of the same bible study group? Small world huh? Make your voice heard by voting on this and some of our other polls today. See what other people think. Do they agree or disagree with you? Our polls run the gamut from politics to food, to sports, to pop culture, technology and more. Feel free to share poll results with friends. You can even encourage them to vote if you want. Thanks so much for checking out the site and participating!

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