Do you believe all Americans should have access to a certain level of health-care?

Access to Health Care has been a very controversial topic for a long time now in the United States. It was a huge issue for voters in recent elections.  Some people feel that you should have to have a job or pay some amount of money towards a health insurance play in order to be eligible, while others feel like having health insurance is a right that every citizen should have no matter what their job or economic status is.  We are not hear to judge either way.  We are just curious in seeing what our peers from around the country think on this important topic.

For a lot of people who suffer from various ailments, access to health care becomes very personal and in some cases quite literally a case of life versus death.  Having a pre-existing condition can in some cases make getting insured even more difficult and costly.

Do you believe that all Americans deserve a certain basic level of Health Care? Or do you believe that everything in this country should be earned somehow, even basic access to health care?

We want to know your opinion, should basic access to health care be the right of every citizen of should it only be for those that can afford to prioritize it?

Vote Yes or No above and make your voice heard.  Then see what people think when you get to the next page.

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