Do you feel the situation with the Coronavirus is getting better or worse?

Tell us how you feel below!

Do you feel that the Coronavirus is almost over or are you concerned the worst is yet to come?  Where you live will likely play a big part in how you answer that question.  It seems like Washington state was where the virus hit hardest initially but the latest news coming out of New York is showing that the number of new cases is growing substantially along with the number of people needing hospitalization and unfortunately the number of deaths as well.  By contrast some states like Wyoming have reported very few cases.   It's been speculated that part of the increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 are a byproduct of increased testing meaning that people who already had it but are just now being identified and counted in the statistics.

Age is another factor that could affect how you answer this question.  In the beginning, most reports were indicating that younger citizens were less likely to contract the Coronavirus but more recent statistics have shown that the demographic profile of people testing positive is equally representative across all age groups.  However, it still seems to be true that the severity of the symptoms, and unfortunately the mortality rate, is worse among older Americans.  They say that before this is over it is likely that even if you never contract the Coronavius, it is likely that will personally know someone who does.  Do you currently know anyone that has contracted the virus?  If not, does the fact that you don't know anyone yet make you more or less optimistic?

In times of uncertainty, we often look to our leaders to provide direction.  President Trump has said he would like the country to be back up and running by Easter.  Does that mean he thinks the worst is over or is he just trying to project an air of optimism?  Ultimately, does what he thinks really matter or do you believe the scientists who say the higher numbers we see in certain states foretell what's to come as the virus continues to move across the country?

So what do you think.  Are we headed in the right direction?  Where ever you are, we hope you family is stay safe and following the medical guidelines.  Washing your hands and maintaining a safe social distance. Make your voice heard by voting on this and some of our other polls today. See what other people think. Do they agree or disagree with you? Our polls run the gamut from politics to food, to sports, to pop culture, technology and more. Feel free to share poll results with friends. You can even encourage them to vote if you want. Thanks so much for checking out the site and participating!

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