Better President: Trump or Obama?

Are you Team Trump or Team Obama?

Who is the better President Obama or Trump? This one is for sure going to be a hot topic and controversial.

Here in the United States, it would be tough to imagine a starker contrast in tone and policy between our 44th and 45th President. President Obama was well-spoken, even mannered, and governed with a progressive agenda whereas President Trump is brasher and more apt to speak completely off the cuff and violate what were previously social norms in politics, such as saying he'd consider accepting information from foreign governments on his opponents.

President Obama is known for his achievements in expanding healthcare for unprecedented numbers of Americans and dramatically reducing unemployment and improving the economy from where it was when he took office, whereas President Trump is known for the Tax Bill, his desire to build a wall between the US and Mexico, maintaining the strong economy he inherited from President Obama, and his private summits with Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.

Which individual you prefer is likely determined by your personal political beliefs - Liberals and Democrats are more likely to choose President Obama and Conservative and Republicans are likely more inclined to vote for Trump. That's why we want to know what you think.

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