Are you a smartphone or flip phone user?

Smart Phones began in to trickle into the public in the 1990s and now they already seem like an essential accessory for anyone and everyone. I have never seen someone panic as when they think they've lost their phone.

Lost was the old world charm and basic design of the common flip phone. But some users prefer flip phones, and because we live in a free country that's a valid preference.

Smart Phones are able to be used as more than just a gateway to the internet. You can use them to take photos, record video, use as a GPS and much more. Flip Phones may feel like less of a hassle or a digital leash. They are cheaper to purchase and work perfectly well as phones. Many even have cameras and some basic web-based features as well.

Do you have an opinion? Are you all about the latest greatest smartphones and devices or do you prefer the flip phone?

We want to know what you think- are you full on embracing the smartphone or are you old school and lover of the basic flip phone simplicity? Do you like checking your Facebook account on your phone, or are you just happy to be able to reach people when you need to the way a traditional phone works? Maybe you don't like phones at all.

There are no wrong answers because these are like a famous movie character once said: “just like, your opinion, man.”

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